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So you want to build your network marketing business online? With so much information out there you may be struggling to get started!

Building your MLM business online

You may be feeling frustrated or overwhelmed as you begin to grow your MLM business online. Most people end up giving up.

YOU don’t have to!

If you can learn a few simple skills, you can get good results online with your MLM business.

In this post, I am sharing 3 crucial skills you need to grow your business online.

Grow Your MLM Business Online with these Skills

Over the years, I’ve used online marketing to build my network marketing business. I’ve acquired over 11,000 customers online through the skills that I am going to review with you.

Have you thought about building a successful business with repeat customers on autoship? Maybe you feel like it’s out of reach for you. I get it. All I can tell you is if giving up is not an option in your life, read on.

1 – Learn how to Talk to People to Grow Your Business Online

Right about now, you are thinking: why do I need to learn how to talk to people? That’s why I want to use the Internet! Am I right?

When people join my team, I don’t even introduce them to online marketing for their MLM business until they can build relationships with a few new customers and advance to the first level of the company.

Why? The secret to online marketing is knowing how to talk to people. Hiding behind your computer is not really an option for MLM. You still have to build relationships. So that is the very first skill we need to work on.

It’s great when people say things like, “use attraction marketing, people will come to you!”

Absolutely it’s the way to go but … what will you say to these people when they come to you?

How will you build a relationship with them? That is exactly why getting skilled at talking to people is the first step to building your MLM business online.

Learn how to recruit leaders into your MLM business even if you are just getting started!

2 – Start and Maintain a Blog to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Online

As far as I am concerned, a blog is not optional, it’s a must! Yes, it’s your central hub on the Internet and an asset that you own. It’s the place that people can always find you and how to contact you.

I hear ya. “It’s too hard.” “I don’t know how.” and all the other excuses you come up with.

Remember I told you about those 11,000 customers? I haven’t even mentioned the thousands of leads, but that’s another story.

The point is that I used my blog to accomplish all that. What if I had given up and said it was too hard?

How bad do you want to success with your MLM business online? OK thenm, you really need a blog. You’ll thank me later.

Learn more about StudioPress Sites, where you can build a hosted WordPress site with beautiful themes available!

3 – Start a Facebook Page to Grow Your MLM Business Online

I’m sure you spend lots of time on Facebook like most people. Why not make the best of it and create a Facebook business page? With zillions of people on Facebook, you can certainly find a few to build relationships with. It’s  a powerful social media marketing tool.

Ugh! another thing to maintain and do! I know, it’s hard. But building a network marketing business online takes work. You’ll be happy you did it!

Be sure that what you post on page always provides value to the reader. Remember, you are helping people, you are inspiring them to be better.

Learn how to use Facebook LIVE effectively to get more leads for your MLM business.

Final Thoughts

Building a successful MLM business online is possible. If others have done, and are doing it, then you can too!

As Jim Rohn once said: “Life is worthwhile if you PLAN. If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.”

Get moving on YOUR plan!

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